2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger Comparison

This comparison includes two of the most popular truck on the Australian market. Both models are well-built and have strong points in so many aspects. Still, if you have to choose, which one would be? The Hilux is the most popular truck on the market, but the Ranger is a strong competitor as well. It has a lot of things to offer, starting from amazing off-road performances, good overall comfort, and pretty attractive styling. Of course, the Japanese truck isn’t without trumps either. So, let’s start this 2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger comparison with some of the most basic things.

2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger aa


Visual appeal is usually referred as a subjective thing, so keep in mind that the following sentences are just our modest opinion. In terms of aesthetics, both models are about the same age. The current-generation Hilux has been around since 2015, while the Ranger has been significantly updated in the same year. In our eyes, the truck with the blue oval badge definitely looks attractive. The recent update has brought a completely new face, which closely resembles the famous North American F Series. It looks massive and rugged, but also pretty classic, so we have no doubt this styling will remain fresh-looking for many years.

Ford Ranger

On the other side, the Hilux has never been a pretty boy. The current design definitely has a lot of “Japanese” flavor, which isn’t always the most attractive things in the eyes of drivers from other parts of the world. Somehow, the front face already looks outdated and we can all agree that aesthetics definitely isn’t the strongest point of this truck.

2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger


On the inside, the Ranger dominates as well. The cabin looks more up to date, with finer materials and more attractive dashboard layout. It definitely looks more opulent and another important thing to mention is a full load of tech features, including an intuitive infotainment system.

Ranger Interior

The Hilux isn’t as stylish as Ford. The upcoming model is coming with a couple of updates, but the dashboard still looks blend. Also, most materials are hard plastics. Still, we have no doubt that Toyota did this on purpose, as such an approach ensures excellent reliability, and that’s another name for this company.

2020 Hilux Interior

2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, Toyota has a wider choice. Of course, the most popular choice is a well-known 2.8-liter turbodiesel, which is one of the most refined engines in the class. It is also famous for its durability. Another great choice is a smaller 2.4-liter turbodiesel, which is also pretty efficient and refined. One of Toyota’s trumps is the gasoline option. It isn’t particularly capable, nor efficient, but the affordable price is definitely a benefit.

On the other side, the Ranger comes with two diesel options in the offer. Base models feature a 2.2-liter engine, which isn’t quite powerful, but features much better fuel economy than any Hilux engine option. The optional 3.2-liter engine is good for almost 200 horsepower, which is about 20hp more than 2.8-liter Hilux. Despite bigger displacement and a little bit more power and torque, it is still less thirsty than Toyota’s most powerful engine.


On the road, the Ranger is a clear winner. It features superior handling, as well as more comfortable overall comfort and a quieter cabin. Off the road, each model has its advantages. The Ranger features a little bit bigger approach and departure angles and can go deeper into the water than Hilux.

However, if we look at overall off-road performances, the Hilux is better. First of all, if features notably shorter wheelbase, for about six inches. In off-road drive, that’s a crucial difference, so it’s no wonder it acts better on hard terrains, despite lower approach and departure angles. Also, the Japanese truck comes standard with locking rear differential, while Ranger offers this as an optional feature, which means additional costs.


This is where things become clear. While the Ranger offers more refinement, better comfort and more tech features, its starting price is also notably more expensive. Starting price goes around 31.500 AUD. On the other side, the Hilux is significantly cheaper, as it starts at around 26.500 AUD.

2020 Toyota Hilux USA release date

2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger Conclusion

As you can see in this 2020 Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger comparison, each model has advantages and disadvantages. The Ranger is definitely superior in terms of comfort and ride quality. Also, it features a much better fuel economy and more powerful engine options. Both models are great for off-roading, but the Ranger misses standard locking rear differential. On the other side, the Hilux does have this feature on the list of standard equipment. It is also, significantly cheaper than Ford, and has more refined powertrain. Finally, the Hilux is traditionally far superior in terms of reliability and durability, which is probably the main reason for much better sales numbers.

In our humble opinion, the two trucks are at the same level and it also goes to personal preference.

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