2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

Comparison of models like these two requires various aspects to be considered. These are some of the most popular mid-size truck on the U.S. market, but yet completely different. Therefore, this article will give you a quick shout out of two amazing trucks and try to highlight all the advantage and disadvantages of the two models. We will offer a short comparison in terms of design, interior, features, engines etc.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline – Design

Let’s start this 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline comparison with most basic design characteristics. As we already mentioned, the two models may belong to the same segment, but they are so different in so many ways. First of all, there is a matter of platform.

On one side, the Tacoma features a typical body-on-frame layout. It is a truck that is designed for all kind of tasks and hard works. It is designed to offer excellent off-road capabilities, as well as a lot of towing and payload capabilities.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

On the other side, Ridgeline focuses more on the road. It is a pretty rare bird among mid-size trucks, which actually rides on a modern unibody platform, which is typical for crossovers and other passenger cars. Therefore, it’s not as sturdy as Tacoma and definitely won’t give you such good off-road performances and towing ratings. However, it is far superior in terms of the on-road ride quality. It delivers much better comfort and it is easier to drive, pretty much like a common crossover.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline – Interior

This is the aspect where you can easily notice different characters of the two models. As we already mentioned that the Tacoma is more work-oriented, while the Ridgeline is more about comfort. This time, let’s take the Honda first in this 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline comparison.

The Ridgeline design aims to provide a level of comfort that is on par with modern crossover. After all, it is based on the famous Honda Pilot. Therefore, it comes with a much more refined cabin. The dashboard is pretty attractive, while complete cabin features lots of hi-quality soft-touch materials. It is bigger in terms of overall size, so its cabin features more room. Considering its main purpose, it’s no wonder it comes only in a large crew cab layout. Both rows of seats are very generous in terms of the legroom, while the driver’s seat offers excellent ergonomics.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline Interior

The Tacoma is more traditional in this aspect. The cabin is mostly made of hard plastics and similar materials, but the dashboard looks quite attractive. Also, such a design guarantees excellent durability and decades of use. Also, this truck comes in two cab layouts, as well as with different bed sizes.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline Interior

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline Features

When it comes to standard features, the two trucks are fairly well equipped, both in terms of tech goodies and safety features. When it comes to tech features, the Tacoma comes with standard 6.1-inch touch screen, Siri Eyes Free, a six-speaker stereo, three USB ports, and Bluetooth. Among available features, some of the highlights are a navigation system, HD Radio, satellite radio, a JBL sound system, wireless device charging, 7-inch touchscreen etc.

The base Ridgeline doesn’t feature a touchscreen interface but rather an ordinary 5-inch display. It also comes with a seven-speaker audio system with two USB ports, Bluetooth, push-button start etc. Higher trims come with a large 8-inch touchscreen, as well as with things like tri-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto etc.

When it comes to safety, there is no need for too much talk in this 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline comparison. Except for the base Ridgeline, all other versions of both trucks are fully-loaded with the latest safety features and driver aids.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline – Engine

In terms of the engine 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline comparison, the Tacoma is in an advantage because it comes with two engines in the offer. Base versions feature a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine, which is good for about 160 horsepower. Things are much better with the optional 3.5-liter V6, which is good for about 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

The Ridgeline comes with V6 engine only. It is a familiar 3.5-liter unit, which delivers around 280 horses.

As you can see, both V6 engines feature a similar amount of power, though the Ridgeline rides smoother and also features a better fuel economy. On the other side, the Tacoma is way superior in utility tasks. It can tow up to 6.700 pounds, while the Ridgeline is capable of towing only 5.000 pounds. Also, the Tacoma offers a class-leading payload capacity, which goes around 1.620 pounds.

2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline – Verdict

It’s time to give a final call in this 2020 Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline article. As you can see, both trucks are pretty amazing. They are different but great at what they do. The Ridgeline is a perfect choice if you need a crossover-like comfort with boosted working capabilities. On the other side, the Tacoma is a more traditional truck, with focused on off-road performances, towing and hauling.

The Ridgeline is more spacious and more refined on the inside, while the Tacoma comes with various bed sizes and definitely can tow much more. Also, base Tacoma is much cheaper, due to a four-cylinder engine. Once you pick a V6 engine, this difference becomes much smaller. All in all, it is hard to tell which one is better. It is pretty much a matter of personal taste.

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