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The most popular mid-size truck in North America has recently come with loads of updates. Normally, we wouldn’t expect more important changes in the next couple of years. However, you can read completely opposite reports on the network. Various relatively reliable sources are suggesting a couple of more novelties for the next year, starting from new powertrain options. A vast majority of 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors are about diesel and hybrid versions. These models were expected for the 2020-year update as well but eventually didn’t happen.

They are now expected to come a year later. Still, those versions are once again nothing more than rumors. We haven’t heard any words from officials on this matter, so there is a big chance that these models won’t happen at all. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t check the latest 2021 Toyota Tacoma Rumors. After all, some of them might turn out to be true.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Rumors

2021 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Diesel Engine

This is by far the most anticipated novelty for the next year, so it’s no wonder that many 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors are suggesting its arrival in the next year. Of course, this engine would bring a couple of nice benefits and the reason why many believe this is going to happen is the fact that Chevy Colorado isn’t the only truck on the market with oil-burner any more. The new Ranger and Gladiator are coming with such engines as well. So, we could say that a diesel engine will soon become a common thing among mid-size trucks.

Of course, many of these rumors are also suggesting the exact engine for this occasion. It seems impossible to go wrong with this one. Simply, there is just one engine that seems like a good fit for the new Tacoma. Of course, 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors are suggesting a well-known 2.8-liter turbodiesel, the same engine that powers the legendary HiLux, as well as a couple more models, including the luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

According to rumors, there is a big chance to see slight revisions on the engine. It is currently rated at around 177 hp and 330 lb-ft, and many reports suggest a slight power boost, which would provide towing ratings at the same level as for the currently class-leading Chevy Colorado. However, none of these reports is suggesting more precise numbers.

2021 Toyota Tacoma Rumors Diesel

2021 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Hybrid

Among 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors, a hybrid powertrain takes a special place. Considering that Toyota is among industry leaders when it comes to hybrid technology, it seems natural to see all those reports the suggest electrified versions for pretty much every model that wears this badge. When it comes to Tacoma, most reports are suggesting more fuel-efficient solutions. The current gasoline engines don’t feature particularly great mpg ratings, so this seems natural.

Therefore, you will find reports that mostly suggest the company’s new hybrid system, based on a four-cylinder engine (earlier reports were suggesting a more powerful V6-based system). With the arrival of a new Highlander Hybrid, the solution imposes itself. The new system is extremely efficient and ensures an average fuel economy that goes over 30 mpg in a combined ride.

These are unparalleled numbers among pickup trucks. Still, there’s a catch. The system isn’t particularly powerful. It delivers around 240 horsepower. So, the new version probably won’t be able to tow as many pounds as trucks with a diesel engine, for example.


Some 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors even go that far, suggesting a complete overhaul for the next year. The main reason for such rumors lays in the fact that the new-generation Tundra is coming. Among numerous significant novelties, it will also come with a new platform and the latest reports are suggesting that the new architecture will be highly modular. Allegedly, the new platform, codenamed F1, will be a global truck architecture and will underprint all truck from Toyota’s lineup, including Tacoma, as well as internationally offered HiLux.

However, we believe that it is still early for a complete redesign. The current generation will probably remain in production for a couple of more years, considering that the recent update has brought a lot of novelties. There is a slightly revised grille, as well as a nice amount of interior changes. Some of the highlights are 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, as well as a new infotainment system. Touchscreens are larger now, both for the base and higher trim levels, while the new software feels more up to date, and also comes compatible with smartphone goodies like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa etc.


TRD-badged models also came with nice upgrades, particularly the range-topping TRD Pro model. It gets new suspension components, as well as a couple of styling updates, including new color options.

All in all, from all 2021 Toyota Tacoma rumors, it is hard to tell which one sounds most likely. There is a big chance that anything of these won’t happen and that we will have for a couple of more years and a complete overhaul to see some major changes.

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