2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign: Rumors and Expectations

The most popular mid-size pickup truck on the market received an update recently, but people are already talking about a possible redesign in the near future. If we can rely on the latest rumors, this may happen already in about two years. It may seem early to you considering that the previous generation was in production for a full decade, but things are changing much faster these days. The competition is getting stronger, as well as the requirements of potentials customers. Those are some of the main reasons why so many enthusiasts believe in 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign.

If this happens, we have no doubt that the Japanese manufacturer would offer tons of novelties. Some of the first things that come to mind are new powertrain options, as well as mechanics. At this point, it’s all about rumors, so take the following paragraphs with a reserve.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Rumors

One of the main indicators for this “early” redesign is actually the new 2021 Toyota Tundra. According to our reliable sources, the next generation of the full-size pickup truck is about to get a completely new platform, codenamed F1. The new architecture will be modular, so it will be used for mid-size vehicles like Tundra and 4Runner as well. Considering that the new platform is ready, it’s clear that the development of the next-generation won’t take that much time. So, once the company ends with the new Tundra, they will speed up the process of 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign.

Another thing that may indicate this redesign is actually the recent update. The 2020 model year has brought some nice updates, but most of us expected more. A new infotainment system and power-adjustable seats are nice, but the styling has remained completely the same, as well as the engine lineup. This may indicate that Toyota has big plans for the future.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign Expectations

At this point, we can only talk about what truck enthusiasts want to get from the next-generation Tacoma. There’s no doubt that novelties under the hood are in the first place. You can find tons of reports about the hybrid and diesel versions of Tacoma. Naturally, improvements in terms of working capabilities are another thing we expect to see, given that the current model doesn’t impress with the max towing capacity of 6.800 pounds. Finally, the new styling is also expected, though no one expects to see anything radical. On the inside, the interior dimensions are in the focus, considering that the current model is tighter than most competitors.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

Hybrid Powertrain

When someone mentions 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign, one of the first things that come to mind is a hybrid powertrain. We can find a lot of reports about this and it looks like there are two possibilities for the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign. On one side, many believe that a system that can be found in the new Highlander seems like a perfect fit. It is a four-cylinder hybrid system, which delivers around 240 horsepower and features an impressive fuel economy. We presume that the new Tacoma would be able to return more than 30 mpg with ease, which isn’t something you can get from current pickups on the market, even with diesel engines.

Still, these numbers don’t seem sufficient for those who car about performances more. Obviously, these numbers aren’t enough to provide competitive towing capacity, especially if we consider that many rivals are coming with diesel versions in the near future.

Therefore, something bigger would be a logical solution. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a V6-based system from Lexus models, which delivers around 355 horsepower. With such numbers, the new Tacoma would be on par with diesel rivals, while the fuel economy would be better, but a smaller margin. Some estimations suggest a combined fuel economy around 27/28 mpg in a combined ride.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign – Is there a place for a diesel engine?

Probably not. Many reports were suggesting that the 2020 update could bring a turbodiesel engine from Hilux. It is a familiar 2.8-liter turbodiesel with 177 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque, which would bring significant improvements in terms of towing capacity. However, it didn’t come and we are pretty sure it won’t after the 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign either, considering that the Japanese manufacturer will probably put the focus on the hybrid version.

On the other side, gasoline engines are expected to carry on, both four- and six-cylinder units, though we count on a newer 8-speed automatic gearbox.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

Release Date and Price

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma Redesign is expected to happen sometime in 2021, probably in the second half. It is still early to talk about some more precise numbers, but we presume that the base price won’t be much higher compared to the current generation, which starts at around 26.000 dollars.

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