2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors: Redesign, Hybrid, Diesel

Although we are still in 2019, there are already a lot of 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors you can read on the network. The thing with these rumors is that the recent update didn’t meet the expectations of most truck enthusiasts. At the time when the competition is getting extremely tough and where almost every mid-size truck is more capable than the current Tacoma, adding new tech features simply doesn’t seem enough. Therefore, many believe that this lack of updates is actually a clear indicator that something big is going to happen soon. At this point, we don’t know what, but something is going to happen in the near future.

Among 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors, we can find various kinds of stories. Of course, the biggest ones are those in terms of the redesign, though we can also find a lot of reports about new powertrain options, particularly about diesel and hybrid versions. However, the company is still quiet on these matters.

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors

2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Redesign

Some of the biggest 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors we can hear or read these days are those that suggest a complete overhaul. The main reason for such expectations is the fact that the recent update hasn’t brought too many changes. Of course, there are some pretty interesting novelties, such as a power-adjustable seat, a new infotainment system with bigger touchscreen and smartphone integration, new safety features etc. On the other side, the base design has remained the same. We haven’t seen any particular change in terms of the styling, while mechanics have also remained the same, except for the TRD Pro model. This clearly indicates that the company doesn’t plan to keep the current generation for a full decade like it was the case with the previous generation.

Another thing we should keep in mind is that the next-generation Tundra is on the way. It will ride on a completely new platform, codenamed F1. The interesting thing about this architecture is that it will be modular, so it will be used for smaller body-on-frame vehicles as well, including Tacoma. It should make the development process much shorter, so 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors about the redesign make sense.

Of course, various kinds of improvements are expected from this redesign. The first thing that comes to mind is higher max towing capacity, which isn’t quite competitive in the current model. Also, we count on new powertrain options, including a hybrid powertrain, as well as all kinds of other novelties, including styling, interior design and more.

2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors hybrid

2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Diesel Engine

Another thing that be found in 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors is a diesel engine. This would be the easiest way for Toyota to become more competitive in terms of towing capacity, especially if we consider that there is already an engine that proved itself in the international legend, Hilux. Of course, we are talking about a 2.8-liter turbodiesel, which is good for about 177 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. With such numbers, we may count on much better-towing capacity, which should easily go over 7.500 pounds. Moreover, we might see a slight power boost on this occasion. Interestingly, many 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors suggest this engine, whether the new generation is about to come or not.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Rumors – Hybrid

Most reports suggest that the hybrid version of Tacoma is a certain thing and that is just a matter of time when we will see the electrified version of this pickup truck. According to 2022 Toyota Tacoma rumors, we will have to wait for a little bit more time and the hybrid powertrain probably won’t happen before the redesign.

At this point, there are two possibilities for the new powertrain. There’s a chance to see a smaller and more efficient system based on a four-cylinder engine, similar to one we can find in the new Highlander. With such powertrain, the new Tacoma would definitely be able to return some impressive mpg ratings, definitely more than 30 in a combined ride.

On the other side, most truckers would probably prefer something more capable, something that could tow more than 7.500 pounds. Therefore, some V6-based system would be a nice choice. Some reports suggest the system from Lexus LS 500h, which is good for about 354 horsepower, which seems like more than enough power for this occasion.

Tundra Rear

When to expect 2022 Tacoma?

The launch date of 2022 Toyota Tacoma largely depends on the number of changes that are about to come. If it’s about to be nothing more than a carryover model, it will hit the market in late 2021. On the other side, the bigger the changes are, the chance to see it earlier is bigger.  

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